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Organizing your office is easy.

Conflux is a simple and affordable way to manage your business, large or small. Save thousands in technology expenses each year.


Conflux: Hosted By Us

Yes, we'll take care of nearly everything. We'll give you access to Conflux on our servers and you don't have to worry about anything.

Our business, SALEient, uses this service each and every day. In fact, we couldn't survive without it.

All the power of conflux on a zippy server that we baby to make sure it's always performing just right.


Pricing table
Number of Users Monthly Price Yearly Price Additional Fees
1 $25/month $275/year None
2-5 $100/month $1100/year None
5-50 $20/month for each user $240/year per user None
< 50 users
*Contact us for pricing